Asoftis IP Changer 1.3

Asoftis IP Changer

The application is used to change IP addresses in a browser. This allows your computer to be detectable from a different location, i.e., any state in the world. For full anonymization, it is desirable to run an anonymous mode in the browser so that no personal information is retrieved, e.g., from cookies or autocomplete features.

Changes your IP address and state in the browser
Supports Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Explorer and Opera browsers
An option to use an API for a configuration utility
Automatic switching of faulty connections

The application also contains an integrated API where you can change the IP address of an external application using Mutex by submitting a command. A description of API can be found in the application documentation. Naturally, the program can be used without the configuration utility.

With Asoftis IP Changer you can anonymously surf the Internet and not even hackers will be able to find out where you are accessing a page from. An IP address can also be changed while the application is running. While surfing, you can immediately change your IP address without the need to close your browser.

Benefits of the application:
Changes your IP address to an anonymous one
Changes your location, the state you are surfing in
Supports IP address change also for https websites

Supported operating system: Windows 10

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