C++ Concurrency in Action, Second Edition

C++ Concurrency in Action, Second Edition
C++ Concurrency in Action, Second Edition | English | ISBN: 9781617294693 | 592 pages | 28 Jan. 2019 | EPUB | 1.47 MB

C++ 11 delivered strong support for multithreaded applications, and the subsequent C++14 and 17 updates have built on this baseline. C++ has better options for concurrency than ever before, which means it’s an incredibly powerful option for multicore and parallel applications.

This bestseller has been updated and revised to cover all the latest changes to C++ 14 and 17! C++ Concurrency in Action, Second Edition teaches readers everything they need to write robust and elegant multithreaded applications in C++17. Along the way, they’ll learn how to navigate the trickier bits of programming for concurrency while avoiding the common pitfalls.

• Completely updated
• Hands-on learning
• In depth guide

Written for C++ programmers who are new to concurrency and others who may have written multithreaded code using other languages, APIs, or platforms.

Concurrency in terms of computers is a single system performing multiple independent activities in parallel, rather than sequentially, or one after the other.

Anthony Williams is a UK-based developer and consultant with many years’ experience in C++. He has been an active member of the BSI C++ Standards Panel since 2001, and is the author or co-author of many of the C++ Standards Committee papers that led up to the inclusion of the thread library in the C++11 Standard. He was the maintainer of the Boost Thread library, and is the developer of the just::thread Pro extensions to the C++11 thread library from Just Software Solutions Ltd.

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