Solved Problems in Physics: for IIT JEE Advanced

Solved Problems in Physics: for IIT JEE Advanced
2019 | ISBN: 9388704061 | English | 320 pages | PDF | 3,32 MB

In the IIT JEE (Advanced) entrance test different types of questions are asked. This book has sufficient questions of different types to help students prepare. There are six chapters, Each with a particular type of question as given below. 1. Objective questions: type 1 (with only one option correct), 2. Objective questions: Type 2 (with one or more options correct), 3. Integer-answer-type questions, 4. Matrix-matching-type questions, 5. Linked-comprehension-type questions and 6. Assertion–reason-type questions. Solutions to all the questions are given separately in detail at the end of each Chapter.

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